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shannen i just want u to know that tamara was not mugging u or saying anything about u at the party. we all know tamara is quiet and when u said hi she smiled and said hey. thats the reaction u will get from her by any of us thats how she is. so going around saying that u think she was doing this and that is a misunderstanding. give her a break she didnt say a single mean or bad thing about u and when we found out what u said we were just like what and why is she saying this. u didnt exactly jump for joy to see her so dont expect so much. u two arent exactly completely comfortbale anymore so dont overreact about it.
i didnt say shit when i had invited everyone to harry potter 3 and troy and after the movie tawny walked away didnt say shit to me once when i invited her and shannen was the only one to say bye to us and vanessa and tawny walked away and if i didnt yell out bye they wouldnt have said shit and even then all they did is wave. so did i go around saying shit.....no.. i still didnt say anything even after i found out that tawny said the only reason im trying to be friends with everyone again is to get invited to parties... FUCK THAT. thats bullshit right thurr especially when im friends with eric and stuart and jp and conner and chris. i let that go and i forgot about it and invited everyone to another movie. i called everyone and talked to everyone and invited everyone and the next day i hear tawny say "he cant bring the LK together again" fuck that shit too. that wasnt the point of it i just trying to have some fun and everyone have a good time. no one fucking talked to me unless i called them or imed them and after that happened i just gave up. im not gonna invite anyone anymore, someone else can do it. im tired of being the only one who fucking cares. and it's funny how since then we all havent had a get together aside from megans bday party. no calls no ims. i was the only who fucking cared. colette understands alot of where im coming from. aj seems to be the only one out of u guys who cares about me and talks to me and hears me out. eric has always backed me up as has sean chris patrick kaity pace and of course megan and hannah and tamara is a given. shannen im telling u tamara never once said a thing about u. whether u believe me or not its up to u but she used to be ur good friend and there is that awkwardness but in no way did she imply something toward u i promis u that i hope u take our word for it :( im frustrated that ive tried and i get shotdown everytime. its time for someone else to try if anyone even wants to. maybe its just me and maybe everyone else just likes how things are right now and dont want to have any more group times. im not saying we should all chill everyday but once in a while i think would be fun. i would support that. post a comment if u support. maybe im wrong and ppl do want to do something this summer. then again i could be right. post a comment if u support it pls it doesnt have to be long but it would be nice.
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