just call me loserboy. (forgoten1) wrote,
just call me loserboy.


whoop whoop i win sucka. i just realized how much of a hillarous time i had with eric last week with speakers in and out halo megan and hannah's house and trampalines (sp?) haha. umm we all gotta chill this week. tam gets her teeth pulled tuesday thats gonna suck so we gotta help her thurr and eric works to damn much lol. anways soon it will be tam and mine year long aniversery damn thats crazy and after that we all going to INCUBUS!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! cant wait y0. we all gotta talk about this and sort that shit out. ummm thats about it. been sick this weekend with strepp that sucks i could have chilled but i dont want my friends to get sick really like i could chill for small amounts of time and i just was feeling bad but im gettting better :) yesterday i baptised my brother and today im doing nothing so wow what fun! umm ttyl peace out
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