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got from kels

A little about yourself…
>< Given Name:: Trevor Jordan Kelly
>< Gender:: guy
>< Age:: 17 and in 4 months 18
>< Date of Birth:: dec.1 1986
>< Marital Status:: taken biaattccchhhhh!!!!!
>< Hair Color:: brown
>< Hair Type:: short
>< Eye color:: blue with contacts grey without
>< Skin Color:: white as fuck
>< Height:: 5'9"
>< AIM/AOL Screen Name:: forgoten1 or ultrabawls
>< Word(s):: vanillar and shagalamgi
>< Language:: english
>< Food:: spaghetti, ice cream (breyers chocolate) and about everything else
>< Drink:: bawls coke and milk
>< Band:: thrice thursday and JEW
>< Singer:: tom :)
>< T.V Show:: aqua teen hunger force and family guy..futurama too
>< Movie:: what women want, kill bill, we were solders, troy,
>< Pet:: dogs
>< Animal:: giant anteater
>< Number:: 8
>< Telephone number:: 207-8449 :)
>< Holiday:: X-mas and thanksgiving
>< Weather:: sunny
>< Flower:: tulips and snap dragons
>< Scent:: i dont like girls perfum that shits so strong and girly i like the scent of leather and candies for men (mine) i also like the axe deoderants
>< Color:: black and green
>< Celebrity:: mel gibson BRAD PITT matt damon
>< DVD:: see what i said for movies

Have you ever?
>< Kissed the same sex?: ummm.....hmm no cant say i have
>< Had Sex?: no
>< Gotten detention?: fuck yea
>< Got Grounded?: shit yea
>< Cheated On Someone?: no
>< were cheated on? no
>< Were Caught Cheating?: no
>< Lost Your Wallet?: no
>< Lost Your Cellular Phone?:no
>< Spied On Your Mom And Dad?:fuck no
>< Were Caught Doing something wrong?: well thought i was caught but ended up we werent so thats good lol. ive gotten away with alot of shit lol
>< Cursed At Your Parents?: hmm that would be sudden death
>< Been In love?: u mean like i am right now :)
>< Been Loved?: u mean like i am right now :)
>< Used a Friend?: yes
>< Been Used By A Friend?: yes
>< Lost a Friend?: hmmmm not really lost a friend... i moved though so i lost contact with some
>< Been To the Emergency Room?: yes and almost died
>< Broken a Bone?: nope

Are you...
>< Lesbian/Gay?: straight as fuck and proud
>< Bisexual?: nah
>< Somewhat Attractive?: fuck no
>< Depressed?: hmmm no
>< In Pain?: no
>< Worried?: not really
>< Shock?: yup
>< Exited?: next friday :)
>< Happy?: mhmm
>< Obsessed?: no
>< A Drug Addict?: no
>< A Smoker?: no
>< An Alcoholic?: no
>< A Loner?: no
>< Loved?: mhmm
>< Hated?: mhmm i hate them back though and ill fuck them up
>< Wanted?: yea
>< Unwanted?: noone i know
>< Shy?: no
>< Bored?:no
>< Having Fun?: mhmm
>< Listening To Music?: no
>< Watching T.V?: no
>< On the Computer?: no shit u dumbfuck lol
>< Doing Homework?: nope
>< Single?: nope
>< Taken?: u know it
>< Chocolate or Vanilla?: chocoalte BLACK POWER!
>< Dog or Cat?: dog
>< Sleeping or Awake?: sleeping :)
>< Sunny or Gloomy?: sunny
>< Dark or Light?: darkness
>< Pretty or Ugly?: pretty
>< Wanted or Unwanted?: wanted
>< Burgers or Hot Dogs?: burgers
>< Sitting or Standing Up?: standing
>< Computer or T.V?: computer
>< Noise or Silence?: silence
>< Boys or Girls?: girls
>< Virgin or Non-Virgin?: non i like my drinks with a kick
>< alcohol or people? ppl and alcohol lol
>< Slut or Decent?:wtf i dont want no slut
>< Nice or Mean?: nice
>< Stupid or Smart?: smart
>< Shy or Funny?: funny
>< Rain or Snow?: snow
>< Cold or Warm?: warm
>< Alone or Companioned?: companioned
>< School or No School?: gotz to get my edamacashun cuz im smart
>< Enemy or Friend?: friend
>< Cat Fight or Fist Fight?:fist fights are fucking fun
>< Gum or Candy?: gum
>< Juice or Soda?: soda
>< Beer or Cigarette?: beer
>< Old or Young?: young
>< Boring or Fun?: fun
>< Numbers or Letters?: letters
>< Bath or Shower?: if i can i like baths to relaxe and when im sick
>< Sex, Drugs, or Rock and Roll?: all of them
>< Wearing?:boxers
>< Watching?:umm this computer screen?
>< Listening To?: the fan in my room and my fingers typing
>< Staring At?: computer duh!
>< Eating?: nothing
>< Drinking?: nothing
>< Smelling?:air
>< Tasting?: nothing
>< Thinking?: im thinking of the fucking answers lol
>< Mood?: good

Who was the last person...
>< You Talked To?: tamara and kelsey
>< You Listened To?: tamara and kelsey
>< You Looked At?: my brother
>< You Touched?: tamara
>< You Hugged?: tamara
>< You Kissed?:tamara :)
>< Had Sex With?: uhh.... myself lol
>< You Instant Messaged?: tamara and kelsey
>< You Text messaged? tamara
>< You Were On the Phone With?: tamara
>< You Lost?: umm i dont know
>< You Missed?: i miss everyone but tam cuz she just had surgery on her teeth so she been out of it for this week
>< You Needed?: my mom for money lol
>< You Loved?: i still love them but that would be my family and tam and in a different way my friends
>< You Wanted?: wanted like u want someone cuz u have a crush cuz its tam
>< You cried with?:tam
>< You Laughed With?: just a second ago at kelsey away message
>< Yelled At?: sean
>< Who Pissed You Off?: devin
>< Who Made You Happy?: friends and family and gf
>< Who Made You Sad?: noone
>< Who Made You Cry?: myself
>< You Said Hello To?: uhhh i said hello to erics mom in the store. i didnt say the word hello but i did greet tam when i saw her
>< You Said Goodbye To?: tam
If you could...
>< Go Anywhere, Where Would You Go?: ireland dland dworld
>< Do Anything, What Would You Do?:go to ireland with my friends lol that would be tight
>< Have Anything You Want, What Would It Be?: dont wanna say
>< See Anything You Want, What Would You See?: all my friends again and also the movie troy lol
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OMG !! You've seen Aqua Teen Hunger Force ?!
I helluh watched that the other day...
it is THEEEE stupidest cartoon but, oh so, hIIIIlarious!
Meat wad is the bomb!
aqua teen hunger force is trevors favorite freakin show.
he tapes it and then watches it over and plays it for me to watch too.
i agree its funny but sooo stupid too. and almost pointless?
chris likes it a lot also
fuck yea he is and super shake is so mean to him lol