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pretty fucking fun times

tamz me sean and patrick has a really fucking great time at my house. well first tam sean and i went to my granpa'z boat and washed it and shit and that was fun then came home played a shit load of video games and patrick came we all drank lol and attempted playing lol. fun shit fun shit i gotta get more of that shit and either sean or eric or patrick or someone needs to get a xbox then ill rent halo and have my brother buy a lan cable thingie and we all just play completely wasted it was so fucking funny. full spectrum warrior is fun too. alright well yesterday i saw AVP that was awesome fucking movie i gotta see it again. lol. umm what else is new..... o yea saw open water with tam and her dad that was pretty fucking cool. umm saw aliens 4 which was pretty damn kool too. uhh school started so thats kool. and umm today i think sean patrick and then later tamara will come over after she is done practice but i might see her a lil bit before so thats kool.
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