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its been a long time since ive posted an entry. After i got jumped i didnt want to post anymore cuz id always want to put how i feel but i always felt fucking bad so i just decided to not say anything. aside from my never ending waves of hatred ive been ok. im too busy to think and so thats a plus. school organic chem calc film tutoring lab and now all my free time is spent at band practice. so been haning out alot with sean robert tam some patrick and obviously the other guys in the band. think im gonna go to fright fest soon with some of the guys and tam. JEW has their new cd out and im about to go see them Nov 1 and then go see Chevelle and Vendetta Red the week after. this friday i wanna see the grudge and i wanna get dawn of the dead. i have decided that vodka and beer and drinks are nothing but milk to me. i mean i have to drink a shit load to get messed up and i think id rather just not bother unless theres a party with shitloads of it. what other random thoughts do i have hmm.... im really glad my gf is kool with all my friend we just chill all together its great. playing some video games watching movies just chilling haning out and shit with everyone hella fun with the guys and my gf but someone is missing and im gonna eventually get around to that i just need time. you know lately ive been feeling alot of compassion for people and i wish i could have fifty of me so i can see everyone and comfort everyone. im about to get another car the one i have is so old trans is going on me. thats about all my randomness i can think of right now so until next time.
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Hey, wow... so you are alive! lol, me and tamz were talking about going to fright fest too, so maybe we can all go together. Get a huge group and what not. Anyway, glad life is going good. Talk to you later.

-He lives !!!
-A bunch of ppl are supposed to be going to fright fest this weeeeekend.
-I hope you're feeling better about the whole 'jumping' business. <<33
-WHOO! I really wanna get JEWs new CD. I'm so jealous yer seeing them !!! lol
-Wow, lots of crazy classes yer taking
-What is this band talk ?!
-The Grudge looks SOOO scary. I almost peed my pants seeing the preview. and when the preview was over and everyone laughed me for looking so scared I said "fkk seeing that movie"
-Dawn of the Dead is lame. It was like a funnier version of 28 Days Later. Or maybe I'm jsut tainted by my moving going experience of seeing that movie..
-beer is gross. ITs good bragging right to say that yer can hold yer on in alcohol, but being a light weight is sooo mcuh cheaper. hahaha
-I'm glad you and Tamz are doing well =)
-Someone is missing ??
-Fifty of you ?! Thatd be crazy. Lots of Trina-ness, lol.
-o0o new car. I saw Tamara driving the other day! It was crazyness. hhaa =)
Ok..my randomness about yer randomness is done...that was heLLuh long.
<<33 !
you saw me drivingggggg?! wherrrrre???????!

HAHA i so got you the tickets w/o u knowing, and you know i would have gotten you the cd w/o u knowing but i couldnt wait to give you the tickets.

the bands coming along good. just got to get your voice back together and make garret lose some weight. hAHuhHUhujknll uhh......

conflict vietnam game is so longgggg you guys played that all saturday and then i joined when robert left..that night went by slow. lol

i wonder who/what is missing? :[

dawn of the dead was a good movieee! me u and my dad lovedd it. and i kno you both will get it.
and we will definatly see the grudge hopefully, friday

and definatley go to fright fest i mean u got that 2 for 1 coupon we gotta use :D. but u cant drive there with ur cars condition, i will not allow this.

feel best<33lOveyOU.
- i like 28 days later and dawn of the dead lol
- no im not braggin about holding my drinks im complaining about it lol i think weed is better.
- im in a band.
haha im sorry that game goes on so long but its so fucking fun.
thanks for the tickets luv u
ur hella funny how u said i will not allow this lol haha
we gotta see grudge!
i cant wait to see u
i wont allow it<33
and i wont allow it for you to drive to jew with it either, ill drivee<3