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name: trevor
age: 17
sex: male
weight: 160
height: 5'91/2" ?
shoe size: 13 :(
occupation: umpire :) student
food: umm hmm i have a number of them now. i love bacon cheeseburgers and french fries and chicken strips and mash potatoes and spaghetti and chocolate ice cream from breyers
song: sweetness, everlong
band: JEW, silverstein, glasseater, thursday, u know them all
store: tower or rasputen, hot topic, urban outfitters
sport: baseball
team: giants redsox 49ners patriots celtics spurs
player: jason schmidt barry bonds jason varitek ricky williams terrel owens tom brady
show: family guy aqua team hunger force futurama
last time
you kissed: umm like 4:05 :p :)
you hugged: haha same time :)
you laughed: just a lil bit ago with patrick
you got scared: hmmm prolly dawn of the dead
you cried: hmm been a long time id say... i dont really remember
you yelled: hmm prolly that time i yelled at that kid at church.. or no wait haha i yelled this sunday ..STIRKEEE THREE!!!! lol
you fell in love: how about now :)
you went out of town: umm saturday
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