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got from kels

A little about yourself…
>< Given Name:: Trevor Jordan Kelly
>< Gender:: guy
>< Age:: 17 and in 4 months 18
>< Date of Birth:: dec.1 1986
>< Marital Status:: taken biaattccchhhhh!!!!!
>< Hair Color:: brown
>< Hair Type:: short
>< Eye color:: blue with contacts grey without
>< Skin Color:: white as fuck
>< Height:: 5'9"
>< AIM/AOL Screen Name:: forgoten1 or ultrabawls
>< Word(s):: vanillar and shagalamgi
>< Language:: english
>< Food:: spaghetti, ice cream (breyers chocolate) and about everything else
>< Drink:: bawls coke and milk
>< Band:: thrice thursday and JEW
>< Singer:: tom :)
>< T.V Show:: aqua teen hunger force and family guy..futurama too
>< Movie:: what women want, kill bill, we were solders, troy,
>< Pet:: dogs
>< Animal:: giant anteater
>< Number:: 8
>< Telephone number:: 207-8449 :)
>< Holiday:: X-mas and thanksgiving
>< Weather:: sunny
>< Flower:: tulips and snap dragons
>< Scent:: i dont like girls perfum that shits so strong and girly i like the scent of leather and candies for men (mine) i also like the axe deoderants
>< Color:: black and green
>< Celebrity:: mel gibson BRAD PITT matt damon
>< DVD:: see what i said for movies

Have you ever?
>< Kissed the same sex?: ummm.....hmm no cant say i have
>< Had Sex?: no
>< Gotten detention?: fuck yea
>< Got Grounded?: shit yea
>< Cheated On Someone?: no
>< were cheated on? no
>< Were Caught Cheating?: no
>< Lost Your Wallet?: no
>< Lost Your Cellular Phone?:no
>< Spied On Your Mom And Dad?:fuck no
>< Were Caught Doing something wrong?: well thought i was caught but ended up we werent so thats good lol. ive gotten away with alot of shit lol
>< Cursed At Your Parents?: hmm that would be sudden death
>< Been In love?: u mean like i am right now :)
>< Been Loved?: u mean like i am right now :)
>< Used a Friend?: yes
>< Been Used By A Friend?: yes
>< Lost a Friend?: hmmmm not really lost a friend... i moved though so i lost contact with some
>< Been To the Emergency Room?: yes and almost died
>< Broken a Bone?: nope

Are you...
>< Lesbian/Gay?: straight as fuck and proud
>< Bisexual?: nah
>< Somewhat Attractive?: fuck no
>< Depressed?: hmmm no
>< In Pain?: no
>< Worried?: not really
>< Shock?: yup
>< Exited?: next friday :)
>< Happy?: mhmm
>< Obsessed?: no
>< A Drug Addict?: no
>< A Smoker?: no
>< An Alcoholic?: no
>< A Loner?: no
>< Loved?: mhmm
>< Hated?: mhmm i hate them back though and ill fuck them up
>< Wanted?: yea
>< Unwanted?: noone i know
>< Shy?: no
>< Bored?:no
>< Having Fun?: mhmm
>< Listening To Music?: no
>< Watching T.V?: no
>< On the Computer?: no shit u dumbfuck lol
>< Doing Homework?: nope
>< Single?: nope
>< Taken?: u know it
>< Chocolate or Vanilla?: chocoalte BLACK POWER!
>< Dog or Cat?: dog
>< Sleeping or Awake?: sleeping :)
>< Sunny or Gloomy?: sunny
>< Dark or Light?: darkness
>< Pretty or Ugly?: pretty
>< Wanted or Unwanted?: wanted
>< Burgers or Hot Dogs?: burgers
>< Sitting or Standing Up?: standing
>< Computer or T.V?: computer
>< Noise or Silence?: silence
>< Boys or Girls?: girls
>< Virgin or Non-Virgin?: non i like my drinks with a kick
>< alcohol or people? ppl and alcohol lol
>< Slut or Decent?:wtf i dont want no slut
>< Nice or Mean?: nice
>< Stupid or Smart?: smart
>< Shy or Funny?: funny
>< Rain or Snow?: snow
>< Cold or Warm?: warm
>< Alone or Companioned?: companioned
>< School or No School?: gotz to get my edamacashun cuz im smart
>< Enemy or Friend?: friend
>< Cat Fight or Fist Fight?:fist fights are fucking fun
>< Gum or Candy?: gum
>< Juice or Soda?: soda
>< Beer or Cigarette?: beer
>< Old or Young?: young
>< Boring or Fun?: fun
>< Numbers or Letters?: letters
>< Bath or Shower?: if i can i like baths to relaxe and when im sick
>< Sex, Drugs, or Rock and Roll?: all of them
>< Wearing?:boxers
>< Watching?:umm this computer screen?
>< Listening To?: the fan in my room and my fingers typing
>< Staring At?: computer duh!
>< Eating?: nothing
>< Drinking?: nothing
>< Smelling?:air
>< Tasting?: nothing
>< Thinking?: im thinking of the fucking answers lol
>< Mood?: good

Who was the last person...
>< You Talked To?: tamara and kelsey
>< You Listened To?: tamara and kelsey
>< You Looked At?: my brother
>< You Touched?: tamara
>< You Hugged?: tamara
>< You Kissed?:tamara :)
>< Had Sex With?: uhh.... myself lol
>< You Instant Messaged?: tamara and kelsey
>< You Text messaged? tamara
>< You Were On the Phone With?: tamara
>< You Lost?: umm i dont know
>< You Missed?: i miss everyone but tam cuz she just had surgery on her teeth so she been out of it for this week
>< You Needed?: my mom for money lol
>< You Loved?: i still love them but that would be my family and tam and in a different way my friends
>< You Wanted?: wanted like u want someone cuz u have a crush cuz its tam
>< You cried with?:tam
>< You Laughed With?: just a second ago at kelsey away message
>< Yelled At?: sean
>< Who Pissed You Off?: devin
>< Who Made You Happy?: friends and family and gf
>< Who Made You Sad?: noone
>< Who Made You Cry?: myself
>< You Said Hello To?: uhhh i said hello to erics mom in the store. i didnt say the word hello but i did greet tam when i saw her
>< You Said Goodbye To?: tam
If you could...
>< Go Anywhere, Where Would You Go?: ireland dland dworld
>< Do Anything, What Would You Do?:go to ireland with my friends lol that would be tight
>< Have Anything You Want, What Would It Be?: dont wanna say
>< See Anything You Want, What Would You See?: all my friends again and also the movie troy lol
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