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Full Name: Trevor Jordan Kelly
Brand of Deodorant: Axe
Do you like pickles: not at all
Watch Porn: no but like any teenage boy i have been interested and seen it
Do you have your own phone line: i have a cell does that count?
Thoughts on abortion: see u gotta to have a cut off that way the mother has time to decide but killing ur kid at 8 months is too late.
What do you want to do with your life?: something important.
Ever been butt naked bangin' on the bathroom floor: im so sure i have
Would you ever get plastic surgery, if so, on what?: not really sure what id change....uhhh my nose maybe?
Do you think foreign accents are sexy?: i can speak with an irish accent perfectly thanks to my teacher and family who have passed down the kelly irish speaking accent lol. but no they arent sexy as they are fun.
Most attractive person you know?: tamz gets prettier every day i see her
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?: yes
Do you have a crush on someone?: Yes
Do you wish you could live somewhere else?: yes i hate antioch
Do others find you attractive?: maybe
Do you like roller coasters?: fuck yea i do
Do you write in cursive or print?: both
Underwear: plaid boxers with a dragon on the tag

**For or against?...**
Long distance relationships: yea im for them. im in one lol
Doing drugs: as i do them id say i am
Premarital sex: That's be great :) jk lol
**Do you?...**
Like the taste of blood: very much so
Believe in love: Yes.
Believe in soul mates: Yes.
Believe in god: no
Ever been arrested: yes twice
Why? sexual assault and i didnt do it but thats over with and she apologiezed but the other was for having a BB gun in public with sean glover lol
What are you scared of?: losing my family and people i care about. im afraid they will die of car accidents and afraid of murder. im not afraid of fighting since what happened to me but then again i dont like the thought of being jumped again lol
What is the most romantic season?: as tamara can testify im an all year long romantic guy lol but id say winter more cuz its got xmas new years and her bday and mine.
What current trend do you think is ridiculous and wish would go away immediately?: Uggs really are gay i hate them but also i hate super baggy clothes and chains and shit like that
A - Age: 18
B - Baby Daddy?: wtf?
C - Career in future: lawyer
D - Dad's name: Jim
E - Easiest person to talk to: tam and sean
F - Favorite song at the moment: 187, bite to break skin, by senses fail Niki FM by hawthorn Height Hella shit from Halfway home and of course sweetness by JEW
G - Guy/Girls you're madly in love with: Tam
H - Hometown: San Rafeal
I - I'd like to own: a house
J - Job title: college student
K - Kids: fuck em
L - Longest car ride ever: trip to Dland
M - Mom's name: Karen
N - Number of people you've slept with: Tamara......oooo wait ive slept with tam literally like woke up next morning with her in my arms but not slept like ive had sex with tam
O - Oldest sibling: im the oldest sibling
P - Phobia[s]: losing someone. im not afraid of death or anything else myself except losing someone...car accident murder freak accidents that kinda shit....wait i am afraid of being lost tooo i hate that.
Q - Quotes you like: i dont have any
R - Right hand or left: RIGHT!
S - Song at the moment: srgt stadanko -gina and now letter kills
T - Time you wake up: 8
U - Unknown fact about me: im insanly flexible nowadays. my eyes turned grey and i were blue contacts
V - Vegetable you hate: zuccini
W - Worst habit: cracking knuckles cracking neck
X - X-rays you've had: name it ive have it
Y - Yummy food: burritos, burgers, haha everything cept fish
Z - Zodiac sign: sagitarius

How do you feel about...

Christians: as i am one im down with it but i wont be for much longer
Harry Potter fans: love harry potter. i want to be a wizard.
anime: strange
Star Trek: strange
Buffy The Vampire: gay
Friends: its funny
Will & Grace: dont watch it
Religion: mormon, christian same thing
Politics: Rupublican HAHA BUSH WON!
Straight Marriage: how it should be
Marriage in General: kool
Disney Movies: are great
Diet Soda: hmm dont drink them really

Ooooh... Look at all the stars...

Is Christina Aguilera a slut?: yes
Is Britney Spears a slut?: yes
Did Janet intentionally let her boob flop out?: i dont think so
Did Michael molest those kids?: Did Hitler kill those Jews?!
Did O.J. do it?: Did Michael molest those kids?!
If you had to star in a same-sex love scene, who'd it be with?:HAHAH BRAD PITT
opposite-sex love scene, who would it be?: BRAD PITTT!!!!
Favorite Musician or band?: thrice, hawthorn heights, senses fail, halfway home, finch, blink
Favorite author?: terry brooks, jkr of course and stephan king
Favorite stand-up comedian?: mitch hedberg, john stewrt
Favorite athlete?: Curt schilling, Bonds, Dammon, Steve young (retired of course) and Ricki Williams (Retired)
Favorite model?: tamara Riedel. fuck damn id do her in the ass..lol
Favorite Talk Show host?: the daily show with john stewrt

More about you...

What do you do in your spare time?: chill, band practice, video games, watch movies
What are your creative outlets?: reading, singing/screaming, watching movies, video games, music
What is the last TV show you watched?: family guy
What is the last thing u said out loud?: hah i said family guy out loud when i answered that last question
last thing you ate?: salad/soup
last thing you drank?: hot chocolate
What are you wearing right now?:blink wrist band watch necklace glasses belt plus buckle pants boxers stripped split shirt
What do you lie awake thinking about at night?: things are getting better so mostly tam ;)
How many pillows do u have on your bed?: 2
How many things are there in you room that have to be plugged in?: fucking everything
How long have you lived at your current place of residence?: 4 years
What (if any) jewelry do you always wear?: a necklace watch belt buckles and i had a ring but lost it and i dont know if they count but i always wear wristbands
Do you have any tattoos?: about to get one
Do you have any piercings?:bout to get one

Social Life...

Where do you like to hang out the most?: tamz, seans, my house, mall
Are you usually the designated driver?: yea for eric and megan lol jk.
Do you drink?: yea
Do you smoke?: yea not cigs though
Do you do drugs?: yea
Do you talk during movies?: not really
What is your favorite restaurant?: that hole in the wall mexican place. bennihannas, baja fresh, tommy's joint

Random Yo...

To people that don't know you very well, you must seem:funny, nice
You hope people know that: im gonna be hella rich some day
Things that make you mad:alot of things. mainly i hate assholes. i hate white trash i hate thug wanna be blacks i hate whiney gays i hate homophobic straights i hate straight edge people i hate off the wall drugies i hate sluts i hate arrogent rupublicans i hate flaming liberals. thats all lol
Things that make you happy: movies books sex drugs tam friends band practice music money
Things that make you cry: pain lol duh
Do you know any stars?: i know a couple athelets no stars though
Quick! What are you thinking?: tamara...its almost time to get her
Pet peeves: hmm i hate dramatic people or exagurations.
You'll never understand: girls.... so confusing.
You're grateful for: my family, my friens, music, food, life.
The people that know you best know : im compationate. i help where i can. im not an angry person but recently my tempor is getting worse.

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane...

What were you like in kindergarten?: spoiled

1st: a liar

2nd: exagurator

3rd:trouble maker

4th: fun year. my favorite teacher

5th: left school

6th: changed schools. made friends. met my best friend tristian. had my first crush.

7th: had to leave that school and my best friend and jessica who i had liked.

8th: came to antioch. hard to adjust again. got arrrested. sucked

9th: meet lots of friends. meet rob shannen megan hannah and tamara. got turned down by everyone practicly lol.

10th: Megan costa.....enough said. too dramatic for words. eric could write a book about it. lol the best thing that year was prolly eric lol. asked out tam then gave up and asked out cassie. broke up and went solo until shit cooled down. broke up the dramatic LK and went back to other friends ie: patrick sean eric rob (the guys)and of course the twins. and of course my stealth which eric and i have come to conclusion was possessed by satan

11th: Finally got my girl <3 best gf ive ever had. only real gf ive really had. got my group got out of dumbass high school while managing to see all my friends. busy but great year

12th: busy year so far more college units and shit to study but fun year too. still got my girl still got some friends with garrett and fernado added. band starts and is going good. fun shit fun shit. relationship going good i forgot how long we have been together uhhh a year and i dunno 6 or 5 months not sure. got a new car whoop whoop.

Overall elementary school was: bad
Overall middle school was: bad
Overall highschool is/was: better to best
College is/was: BEST!

Your favorite childhood toy was: i used to collect aliens lol
Name a random memory from when you were little: my best friend Tristan and i always getting in trouble
If you could change one thing about your childhood, it'd be: I hate how gay i was lol
Favorite show(s) when you were young: dragon ball z lol gundamn wing
If you could be any age again, what would it be?: now

Random Yo, Part 2...
What are you thinking now?:does this fucking thing ever end?
Listening to?: my mom and the elctrician talking
Are you in a relationship?: yes
If not, why?:
The most unattractive thing(s) the opposite sex can do in your opinion is: umm chew with mouth open lol i dunno
The most attractive thing(s) the opposite sex can do in your opinion is: i like skirts alot. i think when the girl makes the move that awesome cuz it never happens lol. umm horniness lol uhhh willing to try new things and also when they are open about their body

True, False, or Sometimes...

You are funny: true.
You are smart: true?
You are opinionated: true
You get mad easily: lately...true :(
You get jealous easily: False.
You usually get what you want: true
You're happy with your life: True.
You have many friends: sometimes..i dont have alot i have enough to be happy :)
You have trouble getting close with people: false
You have an addiction: true
You're close with your family: True.
You're scared of growing up: false
You're excited about growing up: True.
You have many fears: true
You're random: true
You have trouble expressing yourself: false
You're boring: false
You get in trouble often: HAHAH TRUE
You can drive: true
You have a job: true
You've lost someone close to you: false
You wish on shooting stars and dandelions: false
You pray: False
You get embarrassed easily: false
You get annoyed easily: false im patient
You're good in school: true
You have an enemy: false
You consider yourself unique: sometimes
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