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2004 in a wrap

ok so lets see... january i started going to DVC instead of LMC and i would take tiffany and sometimes we go chill and have fun before class. after a while i started getting tired of the drive though.
- got together with everyone put 5 bucks in and got tamara a game cube for her bday. that was fun.
-i remeber going to a giants game and all the nights tamara would go with me to my asl class even though she wasnt in the class :)
- i remeber the trips to sf with eric and tam to see kelsey. haha kelsey came out here and saw butterfly effect one time with eric and me and tam after we had gone to berkly that was great lol.
-then if i remember correctly jr. prom was around that time and that was fun. benihana's with sean his two dates and kelsey and eric and of course my girl. we all had hella fun that day lol. got eric drunk afterwards that was funny.
-almost everyday trashing megans room and ransacking the house jumping on the trampaline and taking beers with eric lol
-hangin out with sean patrick tamara and sometimes eric or megan or hannah
-HALO! lol
- tons of concerts i forgot them all though dropkick's and mxpx was a couple.
-my stealth :) which me and eric are still wondering how did it keep driving......maybe its posessed by satan lol
-driving really fast
-lots of fireworks lol
-Dland with tamera. prolly my favorite memory <3
-Halofiying shannen lol
-school ending and shit.
-HAHAHA eric and chris in the truck and me in the back seat making noise over and over again hahahaha
- tamara left for arizona
-warped tour x2
-eric and the incident with the pennies
-playing basketball with sean
-hangin with pat all the time
-the party where i hit the curb with sean and eric in the car going like 35 lol
-constant breaking into megan's room and doing nothing lol
- blink and no doubt with tam
-meeting megans other friends and talking about jews lol.
-getting drunk at megans and flying off the trampalin
-sammy <3 that dumb bitch lol jk
-hot tub nights
-molested and raping tamara/megan/eric lol
-got jumped.
-hospitalized missed incubus. least i saw them at lolla
- went on a week vacation
-lot a wierdness with megan hannah eric and even tam since then....least there was in my head. still kinda is to this day
-summer school at lmc. chem was hard meet some friends though
-got in a band :)
-six flags with megan eric rob garret sean tam lol
-eric drives that van crazy like...ooo yea and how eric talks to people in the drive through lol "THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS FUCKING RIGHT!"lol
-alot of being with tamara of course <3 hit 2 years :)
-hard times. mental roller coaster but stabilizin lol
-Halo 2
-alot of time chilling with band and tam alot of sean too
- chill with kory.
-smoking a lil bomb here and there
-the party at megans where me and kelsey and tam went to that was funny except when they got robbed. that was really fucked
-jimmy eat world <3
-my bday :)
-xmas :)
and of course new years :)

Eric: begining this year and alll of last u and me were best and im sorry i acted so fucking wierd after that thing in august. its noone fault and i miss laughing with u. sometimes i feel these emotions of guilt and anger take hold of me and now im not sure what im trying to say..thanks for good times i guess and i miss the old days. ill make more an effort to keep in touch. thanks for being there and tell ur sister thanks for visiting me in the hosp. i never got to tell her myself.

Megan: damn megan we never hang. lol. i guess we used to alot back in the day but now look at us. i never see ya and u gots so many groups u chill with ie. chico friends concord friends modesto friends its like u way up thurr. maybe this year we should chill like we used to in the early months of 04.

Hannah: u and ur sister always seem to fight u know that? oh well whats new lol sorry about darryl or whatever his name is that guys missin out. keep in touch from time to time

shannen: i miss you <3 u supa dancer you lol. i miss harry potter talks and music talking and i now got u halofiyed but now theres halo 2 so we gots to do it again lol. and while we are at it lets get tawny to mwahahaha lol

Chris: think u and me have had the hardest laughs anyone could possibly have lol. i remember hannah was driving and ur arm almost got torn offf lol. funny shit.

Tamara: well 04 is behind us and we are with each other still :) i cant wait to go this year to hawaii with u that should be just like dland was. that was great. its really late and i have to pick u up soon lol lets see i see u in 8 hours.....damn thats too long. uve been my best friend and closest caring person in my life and i hope i can rewrite this next year about 05 lol see u sooon luv ya <3
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